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The Lumixyl Brightening System of Products is the premier professional grade skin health and restoration system, used and praised by leading dermatologists, and plastic surgeons worldwide.  The following are just a few of those leaders, and what they are saying about the amazing Lumixyl technology;

Lumixyl Brightening System

Julie Woodward Asst. Prof. Opthalmology headshot

“Lumixyl is an amazing skin brightening system that has been very useful for treating patients, especially those looking for a safe hydroquinone alternative. The combination of the facial wash, GlycoPeel 10, Brightening Cream, and the MoistureLock sunscreen provides a simple daily regiment for pigment prone patients. The Revitaleyes Eye Cream successfully treats peri-ocular pigmentation by breaking up deep hemosiderin staining while also providing excellent moisturization. The Topical Brightening Pads are excellent for acne prone patients looking for pigment correction without having to apply a heavy cream. I use them myself frequently!”

-Julie Ann Woodward, MD Chief of Oculoplastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Duke University Medical Center

Lumixyl Brightening System

david-j-goldberg-mdIn a clinical study conducted by Dr. Goldberg, who evaluated both the safely and efficacy of the Lumixyl Brightening System which was published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. According to Dr. Goldberg, “Lumixyl is a novel, effective, and well-tolerated topical skin lightening product that serves as a great alternative for those not wanting the irritant effect of most currently available skin lightening products. It is particularly valuable for treating chronic or persistent hyperpigmentation conditions, where longer term use of prescription products are a concern. This study suggests that a decapeptide-12 based regimen can achieve excellent results, without the risk of side effects commonly associated with hydroquinone.”

-David J. Goldberg, MD

Skin & Laser Surgery Specialists in New York and New Jersey

Lumixyl Brightening System

joel-schlessinger-md“We have now been selling the Lumixyl product for years, and we think it is a great product. I talk about it in my conference presentations and elsewhere because it is a wonder non-hydroquinone alternative for skincare lightening.”

Lumixyl is listed by Dr. Schlessinger as one of his Top Ten “Must-Haves” for a skincare/cosmetic surgery practice, due to its efficacy, safety and popularity among his patients.

-Joel Schlessinger, MD

Skin Specialists P.C., Omaha Nebraska

Lumixyl Brightening System

mary-lupo-mdDr. Lupo says that “Lumixyl…will improve pigmentation from both melasma and sun damage,” and performs Lumixyl SilkPeel procedures in her practice.

Dr. Lupo has also suggested Lumixyl is very helpful as a collagen-stimulating product at night, when used in combination with a retinoid (Tretinoin or Retin-A). She notes, “these proteins are usually very hydrating to the skin, so they do help protect the barrier of the skin while you’re using the retinoid, and they in-and-of themselves have data suggesting they stimulate collagen production. To me, that’s the ultimate combination!” (Dermatology Times, January 2011)

-Mary Lupo, MD

Lupo Center for Dermatology, New Orleans, LA

Lumixyl Brightening System

ashish-bhatia-md“The results we get with Lumixyl are spectacular. It’s really an exciting product because a natural peptide is used and does not have any cytotoxic properties. It has shown that it is quite effective in helping fade hyperpigmentation. Lumixyl can also be used to treat a variety of hyperpigmentation issues for all skin types, such as Melasma, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, or even superficial pigmentation from photo-damage, aging or other causes.”

-Ashish Bhatia, MD

The Dermatology Institute, Chicago, Illinois

Lumixyl Brightening System

kim-siea-lee-mdDr. Lee, who has been recommending this product to his patients for well over four years now, says that Lumixyl is easy to use. “The results after using Lumixyl can be seen within weeks as my patients have seen major improvement in their skin complexion,” says Dr. Lee. “My patients are completely happy with Lumixyl, with many become repeat customers which has truly helped them address their skin problems.”

-Kim-Siea Lee, MD

Plastic Surgeon, Carl Corryntown Medical Center, Penang, Malaysia

Lumixyl Brightening System

jeanine-downie-md“You need to have a non-hydroquinone option in your practice, especially for certain skin types that don’t respond well to hydroquinone/retinoid therapies. I have found Lumixyl to be one of the best of the non-hydroquinone options.”

Dr. Downie has participated in panel discussions and provided presentations at medical congresses such as the Cosmetic Surgery Forum, in which she has commented that Lumixyl is one of the “must have” products in a practice.

-Jeanine B. Downie, MD

Image Dermatology P.C., Montclair, New Jersey

Lumixyl Brightening System

bryan-g-forley-md“Lumixyl can be used in some cases as a preventative measure for certain skin procedures. For example in some procedures that we do, there is a possibility of inflammation from the procedure could occur and the body’s healing response to that could produce pigment. If you pretreat the patient (with Lumixyl) and then continue to treat them afterwards, you can often either lessen or completely avoid those pigmentation issues.”

Dr. Forley also noted that Lumixyl “can be used for an extended period of time safely for those who need to use it for a longer duration without causing the type of reaction or hypersensitivity that had been seen in the past with other products.”

-Bryan G. Forley, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, New York, NY

Lumixyl Brightening System

neil-sadick-md“Lumixyl is a non-irritating and useful physician dispensed cosmetic alternative to more aggressive topical therapies, chemical peels, and laser treatments for the treatment of melasma and hyperpigmentation. It is proving to be a viable option in the management of melasma when used alone.”

Dr. Sadick has recommended Lumixyl in various interviews with the press, when he’s discussed the best new treatments for hyperpigmentation on the face, neck, and back of hands. He also published a paper summarizing the strengths of the Lumixyl peptide technology.

-Neil Sadick, MD

Sadick Dermatology, New York

Lumixyl Peptide Technology

rebecca-fitzgerald-md“The Lumixyl peptide technology has been an effective tool for treating hyperpigmentation in my practice. The Topical Brightening Pads will be a very welcome addition in providing a more healthy, radiant skin tone for our patients.”

-Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Lumixyl Brightening System

Thermage NYC

“Lumixyl has been proven to be highly effective for diminishing the appearance of dark spots in all skin types. I have been leaning away from hydroquinone due to the controversies abroad about dangerous side effects. I have patients mix the Lumixyl with Retin-A at bedtime and apply it to the décolletage region. They notice an effective after about three weeks.”

-Lisa A. Zdinak, MD

Chief Surgeon, Precision Aesthetics, New York, NY